Brandeur was born from the combination of brand & grandeur for we aim to evolve your company into a majestic & successful brand that will stand out among the crowd.

The brand and design is at the core of our working philosophy around which we create insightful work that will steer your brand towards
differentiation, synergy and growth.

We aren't copycats. We promise to create original and path-breaking work. We know that you want absolutely unique designs ('nothing like anyone has seen before' including Google),
and we are here to deliver just that.
We will help your brand remain vital and relevant in today's
fast-changing and competitive marketplace.
We are driven to create beautiful designs that will turn to be
talking points for your brand.
We will ensure a consistent look and feel for your brand across
its various touchpoints.
We believe in delighting you and driving growth opportunities by taking a holistic view of the context in which your consumers and brands interact. Our comprehensive brand strategy administers the framework and flexibility necessary to generate a meaningful impression of your brand. We are about magnifying your brand performance by providing a team of talented people and considerable tools to help you become the best in your field.
Our endeavor is to successfully help you to be among the most recognizable brands in your respective fields with a seamless, streamlined strategic approach to achieving your most important business objectives.We aspire in greatness, inflicted thought proactive thinking establishing compelling strategic methodology and designing that differentiates you from your competitors.
Designers, strategists, associates, interns and specialists in their respective fields of work collaborate together to form Brandeur. We aspire to put forward values which reflect upon your brand in a unique and strong manner, enhancing its visibility amongst competitors.
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tanushree garg

Post her Graduation, Tanushree worked in the field of Advertising & Branding before going onto doing her MA in Brand Development from University of London. There she got the opportunity to use research and analytical skills while exploring themes and debates surrounding branding in the modern context. During her stint there, she was also exposed to the interesting interplay between culture and branding and design as part of the curriculum and internship thereafter.

With a vision to create beautiful and unique work for startups and the misunderstanding about branding in India urged Tanushree to start Brandeur in 2013. She aspires to turn simple ideas into iconic talking points for brands across the globe.

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Deepak Mandyal
Senior Graphic Designer

Hailing from the hills, a traveller by passion and a graphic designer by profession. Pursuing his love for design since 8 years and has worked in design houses for over 5 years. In his free time (which he claims is scarce), he enjoys cooking and creating art. His companion is a feline, Messy.

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Sanchi Jain
Graphic Designer

Donning an artist's hat was a dream that Sanchi saw with wide eyes and feels proud today to have taken steps into fulfilling those. Designing is just not a career for her but is a colour palette in which there is a perfect mix of creativity, vision, sharp-wit and a passion to make a colourful life for herself. She graduated from College of Art, Delhi and is here at Brandeur to share her vision with the rest of the team.

Not only this, her quirky fashion accessories add up to her 'designer quotient'.

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Saumya Sahni
Associate Brand Consultant

A Journalism graduate from University of Delhi and a post-graduate with a specialization in Corporate Communication and Advertising, Saumya has taken the proverb, Jack of all trades, too literally!

She holds a penchant for reading and a flair for writing and takes extreme pleasure in exploring the bountiful world outside. As a dramatic, over-the- top and an overtly emotional person, she has an affinity for Bollywood movies which also explain her aim to provide a memorable experience to customers through branding. She has derived some of the important life lessons from dialogues like, “Hanso, gao, muskarao, kya pata kal ho na ho”.